Technical Diving

The Essentials course – in any of the versions available (Rec, Tech, Sidemount, Overhead) – is the course you are looking for to increase the quality of your dives to levels that you would never imagine, learning technical diving skills and train the UTD procedures, that come from the extreme exploration.


The Essentials trains certified divers of any agency about the equipment UTD/DIR configuration, use and procedures, and make you become a “Thinking Diver”, who dives in a unified team, being conscious about the environment and situation, anticipating contingencies and solving incidents better.

Bottles and stages, instruction, dives, certification, and VAT. If revaluation is available 1 year time without penalty (only the cost of the dive)

Material DIR configuration for rent included in the course (PROMO)

*The price includes registration and code for online class teaching materials. If you buy the material on the web (US$99,00), you have a discount of 99USD on the price of the course. Rec, Tech, SM ó OHP.

  • ESSENTIALS OF REC: single tank with one or double regulator and Hogarth harness.
  • ESSENTIALS OF TECH: double tank configuration, Hogarth harness and Deco or Stage bottle.
  • ESSENTIALS OF SIDEMOUNT: Stage bottle/s, Z-System harness and traditional.
  • Buoyancy control and trim (0º to 20º).
  • Technical kicks (Flutter, M-Flutter, Frog Kick, M-Frog Kick, Back Kick, Helicopter turn).
  • Abilities (6 de Base, SMB, V-Drill).
  • Skills (S-Drill, Toxing Diver, 5’ ascent).
  • Standard Gas and Stage bottle.
  • Decompression strategy “Ratio-Deco” and gas management “Rock Bottom”.
  • D.I.R. procedures.
  • Min. 16 years old (REC) or 18 years old (TECH) and 60 recorded dives.
  • Be able to swim 200 metres in 14 minutes, and 1 minute free diving.
  • Hard work commitment in exchange to a great gratification.

The REC course will take 4 days and the TECH one 5, includes stage bottle, training and boat departures, equipment rental, certification taxes and VAT. Equipment rental included. The price includes registration and code for online classes’ manual, if you buy it on (US$99,00), and discount on the course price Rec, Tech, SM or OHP.

We ensure your level will make a huge step, marking a milestone after doing this course. Our instructors have the compromise to teach and train you on the most up-to-date techniques, the do not sell credentials: you must reach and deserve it by showing that the abilities and skills you have are enough during your exam. A second exam is also included.

Essentials REC, SM rec price: 450€ + online class 99USD

Essentials TECH, OVH, SM tec or mCCR price: 550€ + online class 99USD

Length: 4/5 días

Mini Doubles Specialty:
This mini course is designed to kow the procedures of handling double tank and one stage bottle – the perfect complement to update and go to the next level: Essentials of Rec to Essentials of Tech – and be trained for the technical diving courses (deep, trimix, caves, etc.).
100€ + 40USD UTD material online
1 day