Recreational Diving Courses

At Buceo la Herradura we deal with each course personally, because, not only do we want you learn, but we want you to enjoy the experience, with all the security and professionalism that you can expect through the experience we have earned during thousands of courses taught. We place special emphasis on your safety and in certifying you when you are fully prepared to enjoy the wonders of the sea, without any danger. For this reason, if we believe that you need more practical experience than those set out in each course, we will offer the extra practice free of charge, to get you certified.

We are the only center based in sport port Marina del este with extensive facilities and two boats 10 meters from the door.

We have another center on the beach of La Herradura with themed pool, so that the days of bad weather you can continue with your training. All training in open water will be done from the boat.


If you only have a couple of days and want to get your first level of diving, this is your course. Is an introductory course to diving, prior to the Open Water Diver, the difference being that you don’t certify as an independent diver and will always have to dive accompanied by an instructor, and to a maximum depth of 12 metres.

It consists of theory classes, swimming pool and two dives in the sea.

  • Student materials
  • Theory classes
  • Training in confined water and 2 dives in the see
  • Full Equipment Rental
  • Insurance
  • Medical Certificate (Ability to dive with SCUBA equipment).
  • Over 14 years old
  • If you are under 18, we require the authorisation of a parent or guardian.
  • 2 Days
  • Price: 250 €


You have two ways to get your certification OPEN WATER DIVER.

  1. If you are already scuba diver you are only one step away, finish the two theory modules, the exam and two open water dives, it will only take a couple of days.
  2. If you do not have any certification and you want to access the course directly, there is no problem, complete the 5 theoretical modules, the 5 confined water modules and your 4 open water dives, normally in four days you can get your certification.
  • Student materials
  • Theory classes
  • Training in confined water and 4 dives in the sea
  • Full Equipment Rental
  • Insurance
  • Medical Certificate (Ability to dive with SCUBA equipment).
  • Over 14 years old
  • If you are under 18, we require the authorisation of a parent or guardian.

The course usually takes four days, it is quite intensive but very entertaining. Is designed to enjoy from the first minute. We can adjust the course to your needs of days and hours, but we recommend doing it often.

Every day there are practical and theoretical classes. Approximate timetable of each session is 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon.

Price: 395 €


We offer you the possibility to experience new sensations. What do you expect from this sport? Discover it with diving adventures.

If you want to get the course AOW you will have to get 5 specialty Deep diving and underwater navigation are mandatory to become an experienced diver. The other three are your choice, from: night dives, undewater scooter, buoyancy, search and recovery, multi-level, underwater naturalist, and many more! Each specialty consists of theory classes and practice in the sea.

  • Student materials
  • Full equipment rental
  • 5 dives in the sea
  • Insurance
  • You must have OWD Qualification or equivalent.
  • 12 or more registered dives.
  • Medical Certificate (Ability to dive with SCUBA equipment).
  • Bring torch or diving light, DSMB and wrist compass.
  • Over 14 years old
  • If you are under 18, we require the authorisation of a parent or guardian.
  • 2/3 days
  • Price: 375 €


You already are an experienced diver, it’s time to go a little bit further. If you know what you expect or need about diving, we offer you a big choice of specialties according to your necessities.

Peak Performance Buoyancy: Basic if you want to become a great diver, control your ascents and descents, we will teach what the “trim” is, try more efficient finning styles. All of this will help you to feel more comfortable, safe and improve your air consumption during your dives.

Night diver: You have never dived during the night, everything turns different when you dive after the sun sets. The activity under the sea changes, lots of species hunt during the night, what will let you see some of them that you can’t see during the day.

Dry suit diver: Experience how it feels not to get cold, you will go out from the water completely dry, we will teach you how to control this kind of suits under the water.

Deep diver: If “The Blue” is your passion and you want to know what there is deep down, this is your specialty. Reach the recreational diving limit: 40 metres. We will teach you how to plan this kind of dives with security, to discover the limits of the no-decompression diving, that will open the doors of the technical diving world.

Nitrox: You have dived with air until now, do you want to discover the advantages of “Nitrox”? Stay longer at the bottom, and dive safer? This is your specialty, specifically for those who want to travel on a live on board cruise or do consecutive dives.

Navigation: Until now, you have been diving with a guide, when you have finished your dive, you have gone back to the boat, but you don’t know how? Learn how to orientate yourself under the water, we will teach you orientation techniques, and you won’t miss a thing ever again.

Tune up:Has it been long since your last dive? you never learnt to deploy a surface buoy or did you forget how to correctly use the compass.



This course is designed for all divers, we will teach you to identify possible mistakes and handle stress situations of yours and a partner. Learn to react correctly and efficiently in a problematic situation. With this course you will develop your skills to be able to anticipate failures.

Everyone says it’s the most exciting course and where else do you learn. Maybe because you are already an experienced diver and you become aware of everything we have been leaving on the way.
How many times in your dives did you go back to practicing exercises like taking off the ballast or the equipment under water, to share air with your partner or to dive without a mask and if you have a problem with the waistcoat inflator, would you know how to identify it?

In the first part of the course we will see many of these problems easy to solve, to put your skills up to date. In the self rescue part, you can not help a partner if you can not help yourself. Once this section is mastered, we will see how to identify and respond to different situations, from a diver in panic to search and recovery of a missing diver.

The course is developed in 5 theory modules with a final exam and two practical parts: self-rescue skills and seven new rescue skills from the beach and from the boat with their final simulations

  • Student materials
  • 5 theory classes
  • 12 exercises in the sea
  • Full Equipment Rental
  • You must have AOWD Qualification or equivalent
  • 12 or more registered dives
  • First Aid Certificate (Can be obtained during the course for additional 60€)
  • 4 days
  • Price: 390 €


Your first step on the road to becoming a professional! You will learn to supervise dive activities and assist in student training.

This course develops through a series of theoretical and practical classes with real students, and will allow you to work, assisting diving activities and in the supervision of training exercises.

  • Student materials (Manual and Dive Table)
  • Theory classes
  • Exercises and practice, simulated and real
  • Full Equipment Rental
  • You must have Rescue Diver Qualification or equivalent and First Aid Training (Can be obtained during the course)
  • 20 registered dives at the start and 60 dives at the end of the course
  • Provide 3 passport size photos, photocopy of ID Card or passport and Medical Certificate (Ability to dive with SCUBA equipment)
  • First Aid Certificate (Can be obtained during the course)
  • Minimum age of 18 yrs
  • 15 days aproxx.
  • Price: 800€